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free wind - Dual Expansion
Vehicle layout
Hot and cold independent double net water tank, water circuit system configuration 486 litres; super power, ultra-long standby; Wu Mingzhi wall, the ultimate thermal insulation; in line with the National VI emission standards, a number of comfort feat
free wind - Dual Expansion
Extra large insulated water purification tank 300 litres,
the whole vehicle water circuit configuration over 400 litres
Ultra Power Extra Long Standby
Ultimate insulation for five-minute walls
Vehicle Intelligent APP Control System

Maximum 85L grey water tank, the heat generated by the vehicle can be automatically recovered and recycled to
enjoy a hot shower only under the automatic hot water function. Water pump intake system with self-priming function.

Free Wind adopts 48V intelligent circuit control system. 1200W power station level solar panel with 48V 250AH equivalent to 121000AH iron phosphate battery (12.5 degrees of electricity), which can realise the whole vehicle (including air-conditioning)&

Vehicle body using the second generation of five-layer thermal insulation wall design of the entire vehicle box to achieve thermal break, inside the aluminium alloy skeleton
Frontal thermal insulation layer thickness of up to 7CM, with the ultim

The tablet PC provided with the caravan contains an APP that integrates the caravan's intelligent control and condition information display, which allows you to check the remaining battery charge/voltage, battery discharge power, water level and te

Mercedes-Benz body design

The box adopts the third-generation five Mingzhi body design, the thermal break layer and XPS material insulation layer cooperate to block the external heat source,

which makes the heat preservation and insulation performance of the car great

Vehicle Interior
The ultimate in comfort
European Craftsmanship Chinese Traditional Furniture Design

The entire interior of the car is made of European craftsmanship, wood grain with quartzite countertops, furniture arc design, reducing collision hazards, the overall space inside the car is more open, Rolls-Royce blue same leather seats and backrests,

power supply system

The whole vehicle is equipped with 1200W solar energy and 48V250AH (equivalent to 121000AH) iron phosphate battery as standard. The battery cabinet is located inside the vehicle, which effectively protects the battery life in cold weather, and there is

Storage space

There is an oversized pass-through compartment at the rear, and the whole vehicle has 2000-2500 litres of storage space to accommodate the material needs of 6 people travelling.

Folding water basin
Intelligent Control Cabinet
JBL Audio
The Thetford Swivelling Toilet
Midea washing machine
Sleeping Space

Frontal end configuration double bed size 2180mmx1500mm/2180mmx1200mm respectively

More details
A little bit of craftsmanship goes a long way
Model configuration
free wind - Dual Expansion Parameter Configuration
  • Double Extension
  • No Expansion
Basic parameters
  • Length/Width/Height(MM)
  • sump
    Iveco Olsson (car manufacturer)
  • Wheelbase(MM)
  • displacements
  • Horsepower (PS)
  • Torque (N.m)
  • Driving form
    front rear drive
  • Engine type
    FPT Fiat Power Technologies F1C Diesel Turbo Engine
  • Rear wheel form
    second wife
  • Authorised number of passengers
    6 people
Hydropower configuration
  • Water purification tank (L)
  • Grey water tank (L)
  • Black water tank (L)
  • lithium iron phosphate battery
  • Charging and inverting machine
  • solar panel
Safety & comfort & convenience
  • Double bed (head) 2200X1450mm
    Mitsubishi 1.5P DC Inverter Super Silent Energy Saving Air Conditioner
    Customised caravan smart APP control system + accompanying Pad
  • Card base (variable bed size) 1900*945
    Webasto Import Parking Fuel Warmer
    Midea automatic wall-mounted washing machine
  • Double bed (end) 2200X1200mm
    Carlosi Imported Line Cold Air
    Fiamma Imported Awnings (Shadowless Double Light Strip)
  • The Thetford Imported Flush Toilet for Caravans
    32-inch Smart TV
    Gas Alarm + CO2 Alarm
  • External water and electricity combination port (with self-priming function)
    SAJO Caravan Refrigerator
    Customised electric step
The above information is for reference only,
please refer to the specific vehicle parameter configuration of the contract.